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I am very pleased to announce that our 2007 catalog is now available…two weeks ahead of schedule.

iD Tech Camps 2007 Course Catalog

If you have requested a catalog previously, then you’ll be receiving one in the mail shortly.  I tell my staff every year that one of the reasons we are successful is we re-write our business plan every single season.  Our catalog, in essence, is our business plan.  It is our promise to our clients.  It incorporates locations, dates, pricing, course offerings, what’s new, etc.  I also tell my staff that one of the hardest things to do in business is “to do what you said you were going to do.”  It sounds simple, but that is the whole point–to make things seamless to our clients.  The main thing our clients need to know is that we run the best summer technology camps in the country.  The behind-the-scenes is the tough part, but we try to make it look easy.

Embracing technology and innovation is the cornerstone of what we do at iD.  As a client, you might be interested to know that we develop the vast majority of our content and applications in-house.  You’d probably expect that most camps, for instance, develop their own online registration system.  This is not the case, but it is the case at iD.  Here are some other examples of what we have created in-house for our clients.  This is just a small indicator of our expertise in the computer camp industry:



Camp Videos

Secure Online Registration

My Camp Account

Every season, we keep on top of the latest technology trends, and we often forecast what our clients want before they even know what they want.  I was surfing the net last night and saw Steve Jobs’ keynote speech and introduction of the iPhone at MacWorld.  OK, the iPhone is probably a little bit bigger of an announcement than our 2007 catalog…but the ideas are the same.  Keep innovating.  Stay ahead of the trends.  Keep it simple and user-friendly.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new iPhone, I strongly encourage you to check out Steve and the product demos.  I was floored at the vision and the simplicity of the new iPhone.  You don’t have to be a Mac-lover or a PC-lover to love the idea of cool technologies–you just have to have an interest in technology.  I guarantee if you start watching Steve’s speech, you won’t be able to turn it off.

We live in crazy and exciting times.  But, there is so much pessimism out there that it is beautiful to see the creation of such an incredibly revolutionary product.  Hopefully is makes us all think that the possibilities are endless.


  • crocodoyle

    We Canadians have to wait until the summer of 2008 for the iPhone :….(

    Maybe they’ll iron out the kinks by then and come out with the next generation for us…

  • Edgar

    hi pete remember me last year in the last week in columbia universty .i was in web and flash and at the last day that i win the prize of getting a person full of water and i choose you.bye

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