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If not already, apps will soon rule the world: Angry Birds movie confirmed.

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Any person reading this post is most likely already familiar with the insanely popular puzzle game Angry Birds, developed by Rovio Mobile.  Since its release in 2009, Birds has been downloaded 400 million times (according to Rovio) for play on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, not to mention on certain Nokia and Palm handhelds, and even on the PC.  The game is enjoyed by all ages, four-year-olds and up.

So, I guess it was only a matter of time before an Angry Birds movie was given the green light.  And for those wondering how a movie could possibly be made from such a straightforward concept, its creation appears to have some real firepower behind it with former Marvel Studios Chairman David Maisel tapped to handle overall production.  Maisel served as Executive Producer for Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and other recent Marvel projects.  Rumors of a full-length feature film have been running rampant for a while, but the movie has been officially confirmed.


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You wouldn’t be incorrect in saying that Angry Birds has fueled a lot of the excitement behind apps, both from a user and developer perspective.  Since Angry Birds first hit the smartphone, there have been countless games developed in a similar manner, mimicking much of the same gameplay and feel.  Those who have played the game have probably wondered how to build an iPhone app like Angry Birds because it’s addicting, yet seemingly so simple.

Of course, Angry Birds isn’t the first “video game” to move to film – there have been many successful crossovers, most notably Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia and the successful Resident Evil franchise.  It might not even be the first app rumored for movie treatment, as popular Facebook game Mafia Wars could also be headed for the silver screen.

With that said, Angry Birds is sure to be the most popular app to movie transformation, setting the stage for other games to follow suit.

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