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In case you haven’t heard, registration for our 2013 season opened November 1st. We’re happy to offer a variety of new courses and locations – this is going to be our best season yet!

We work extremely hard to bring you the best camps for kids and teens, but as discussed in a previous post, we always make sure to schedule in some fun time around the holidays. Halloween kicked off the festivities this year, and the costumes were more unique than ever.

From iD HQ...

To shufflin' in the iD satellite offices...

 Even our four-legged friends got into the Halloween spirit!

But the fun doesn’t stop at Halloween. It wouldn’t be fall without a potluck! What better way to celebrate than with a full-on Thanksgiving feast? In true iD fashion, we didn’t box ourselves into the typical holiday fare. Everything from pulled pork sliders to sushi to baklava was served – along with a healthy helping of the usual Thanksgiving favorites, of course!

Thanksgiving sushi? Yes, please!

Q: How many crock pots does it take to feed iD? A: What you see here (plus three more that didn’t fit in the frame).


 The healthy table

Dessert, anyone?

A line formed quickly; we couldn't wait to dig in!

Now that we’re fed, let’s get down to business. What will you serve at Thanksgiving this year? Maybe you’re attempting to deep-fry a turkey. Perhaps you’ll successfully stuff a chicken inside of a duck inside of a turkey: TURDUCKEN! No? Well, whatever you do, I hope it’s delicious.

Are you clueless when it comes to cooking? Never fear! There’s an app for that. Follow recipes and keep your screen clean with the Butterball Cookbook Plus app, which responds to your voice commands to turn pages, start timers, and more – leaving your hands free to whip up an amazing turkey dinner. Are you a first timer when it comes to cooking for turkey day? You may find the Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach app helpful, with a comprehensive shopping list for your chosen recipes, and easy-to-follow cooking instructions. Want to concoct a dessert that would make Ina Garten and Paula Deen proud? Check out the Easy As Pie app, which provides step-by-step video directions on how to create homemade pies, dough, and toppings. Yum!

After you’ve recovered from your Thanksgiving Day food coma, be sure to check back next month for a look at what’s quickly becoming a favorite holiday tradition around the office – Ugly Holiday Sweater Day.

 Happy Thanksgiving from iD Tech Camps!


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