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iD Tech Summer Camps Launches 2009 Season

students collaborating on coding project

Hello iD Nation,

We just launched our 2009 season.  Our team has been pounding the pavement since the summer camp season ended, and we’re anticipating a great year.  We just announced our new university locations at over 60 universities nationwide.

We’re excited to announce New York University (NYU), Purdue University, Colorado State University (CSU), Wesleyan University, Rollins College, University of Kansas, Loyola University, American University and a host of others to compliment our current lineup.

We appreciate all of the phone calls and emails from you over the weekend!  Welcome back!

So, I am sure the #1 question you might have if you are a returning camper or parent, is “what’s new this season?”  Rest assured, we’ve been doing A LOT to prepare for the season.  Please check out our what’s new page for the latest.  New Locations.  New courses.  The new iD Programming Academy.  Microsoft XNA is now featured at the iD Gaming Academy.  We’re debuting a new location for the iD Film Academy in Montreal, Quebec.  We’re using hot new software versions including Maya Unlimited and Adobe CS4 .  We’re expecting more girls this year!  Technology is not just for boys!  The list goes on…make sure to see all the cool stuff that’s going on.

I want to welcome everyone to iD Tech Camps, iD Gaming Academy, iD Film Academy and the new iD Programming Academy.  We’re ready for an exciting season.  Registration is live, and you can also view our new 2009 computer camp catalog.  Finally, I want to give a big shout out to the team at iD Tech.  Nobody dedicates their time, passion and energy to this business like we do.  Our employees go above and beyond to ensure we are delivering the best–and delivering on our promises.  I thank each and every one of you for your contributions.

On behalf of all of us in the iD Family, I want to welcome you to iD.


Pete Ingram-Cauchi

CEO, iD Tech Camps