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At iD Tech, you could say we’re a little bit crazy about going green. Our community of 500,000 students have gone (iD) green attending our coding classes for kids, virtual summer camps, and other programs we are proud to offer as the world’s premier destination for STEM education.

And with our in-demand curriculum, we’re also preparing students for bright futures in many careers, including green technology jobs.

Does your child have a green thumb or a passion for making a difference?

By building tech skills, kids can reduce our carbon footprint, better utilize water sources, harness solar power, and find still more innovative ways to preserve our planet. 

In honor of Earth Day 2021, we’re breaking down five awesome green technology fields (and the types of projects your child might end up working on)!

1. Coding creates more eco-friendly, efficient transportation

Does your child love trains, planes, and automobiles? Do they want to make them more eco-friendly without sacrificing safety or aesthetics? Then a green technology job in the transportation field might be a good fit.

Companies like Tesla are coming up with eco-friendly transportation solutions—in this case high-end electric cars—that are better for the environment than gas-guzzling vehicles. Tesla hires a variety of tech-related roles, including software engineers, mechanical design engineers, computer vision scientists, electrical engineers, prototype fabricators, and much more. 

With kids learning to code, they could work with everything from maps and navigation to diagnostics and big data.

2. Solar energy is the future of engineering and design

Solar power could be the energy of the future; it’s already been proven to be a viable energy source for many buildings, homes, and devices.

But today’s solar power technology has its limits. For instance, solar panels can only be of use in places that receive a lot of sunlight. Thankfully software engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and other engineering professionals can improve on the current technology.

2021 innovations in solar technology include floating solar farms, solar fabrics, and more sophisticated solar panels than ever. Better solar technology means fewer fossil fuels and therefore worse pollution. Talk about making an impact!

3. Software makes agriculture a science

Believe it or not, twenty-first century farming is an extremely technology-intensive job. And the most successful farmers are looking for ways to best utilize land, water, and other resources. Of course, the desire to optimize the use of said resources provides a consistent need for green technology that both benefits the land and the farmer.

Green technology and new innovations are creating new, eco-friendly processes that benefit our world, farmers, and consumers. Innovative companies like Eden Green are challenging farming as we know it to be less wasteful and more efficient, using technology like LED lights and sophisticated water recycling systems to conserve resources. 

In addition to creating engineering new green tech hardware, your child could end up creating software like Farm Logs, which monitors a number of factors (such as rainfall, nitrogen levels, and crop health) and helps farmers plant in a way that eliminates waste and therefore makes our world a greener place.

4. 3D printing encourages recycling and smart manufacturing

Green technology is seeping into many traditional industries, yet it’s also creating demand within new and emerging technologies.

We know that 3D printing has the potential to change our world, especially in the fields of manufacturing. We saw this firsthand as former iD Tech campers, Nikko and Costa, 3D printed mask extenders for first responders to COVID-19.

By using 3D printers, manufacturers can afford to make smaller batches, reduce raw material requirements, and therefore cut carbon emissions in many processes.

And yes, 3D printing is for kids, too! To take advantage of the new possibilities 3D printers provide, you child could pursue 3D modeling, engineering, or programming. The possibilities are endless.

Three engineering physics students developed a plastic recycler that turned plastic waste into new material that could be used by their 3D printer to create something entirely new. Talk about using green technology to recycle, reduce, reuse!

5. Apps & tech encourage “going green”

People love gizmos and gadgets. So it’s no surprise that designing, programming, and engineering awesome eco-friendly products for consumers is a big market. Factor in the growing Internet of Things (IoT) trend and the prevalence of smartphones and apps, and you’ve got the perfect market for using green technology to make an impact on people’s lives.

Consider Nest, a revolutionary technology that allows families to monitor and make changes to the temperature of their home simply by using an app—from anywhere in the country. Forgot to turn off the air conditioning? Not a problem. Nest allows everyday people to reduce energy waste and shrink their carbon footprint with simple hardware devices and a single smartphone app.

Nest is just the start—green tech professionals are coming up with incredible new innovations that make tech greener, and your child could become a part of this growing trend. App developers are creating mobile apps that incentivize green living. Plus many STEM workers are looking for ways to make beloved products using greener methodologies, and creating new technology is often the driving force behind those changes.

6. Robotics creates sustainable solutions to climate change

Global temperatures are at an all-time high in human history, and robots can help address the issue in sustainable ways. 

By learning all about robotics, kids can create the technology necessary to combat climate change with cost-effective, innovative methods for fighting wildfires, restoring ocean health, and managing waste. 

As robots’ capabilities become more and more sophisticated, engineering them can tackle more and more problems facing the environment. Drones, for instance, can access areas formerly off limits to humans in potentially unsafe conditions. Waste collection becomes more efficient and wide-reaching with the assistance of robots. 

The possibilities of going green with the help of a few gears is virtually limitless, and by tinkering with robotics from a young age, kids will be well-equipped to explore this cutting edge technology in college and in their future careers. 

7. Artificial intelligence reduces pollution and protects habitats

Sure, artificial intelligence and machine learning technology powers apps, social media, and the complex algorithms of data science, but what does this have to do with conservation? 

The short answer is : increasingly, quite a lot. 

Artificial intelligence currently powers a lot of efforts to conserve endangered habitats and species as well as reduce pollution -- and that’s just the beginning. This technology allows scientists to track species and even notify conservationists when illegal deforestation takes place. 

To combat pollution, machine learning and AI is used to make transportation more efficient and to reduce emissions. Harnessing the almost limitless power of AI can do a tremendous amount of good well beyond computer screens. 

iD Tech Helps Kids Create for a Greener Future

Whether your child wants to program apps that read the chemical composition of soil or engineer a energy-saving battery that powers the coolest Tesla model of our future, there are many bright possibilities in the world of green technology. And these jobs keep growing as people become more conscious about making the world a greener place.

Help your child prepare for a future in one of these fields with a week at an iD Tech summer camp. We teach app development, electrical engineering, programming, game design, 3D printing, and other established and emerging technologies. 

But we’re also known for inspiring kids and teens to dream big—to show them that technology can be incorporated into any of their passions, and turn into a fun and rewarding career.

Build your child’s brilliance so they can save the planet! 

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With over 20 years of experience and a track record of incredible student outcomes, iD Tech is an investment in your child's future. Whether they're 7, 19, or somewhere in between, we've perfected the system to guide them from total beginner to college-bound pro. 

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