iD Tech Hires Former Campers. Is Your Student Looking For A Summer Job?

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This year, iD Tech has five months to interview and hire close to 1000 instructors to work at our 100+ locations across the US. This is no easy feat because we want the best and don’t hire just anybody to work at our camps. We find that some of our best camp instructors are former students who attended iD Tech when they were younger. Last year we hired about 750 instructors and 96 of them were “former campers.”

At iD Tech, we know that our students are unbelievably talented and have an understanding of our unique camp culture. After honing their skills at camp and in school, we want to help them sharpen their resume as they prepare to enter the workforce.  Working as an iD Tech instructor gives our former students an opportunity to prove themselves as leaders, beef up their resumes with applicable tech experience, network with like-minded individuals, and obtain a valuable reference from an employer who values their talent.  And the best part? They get paid to have a rewarding summer experience.

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Many former campers come back to work for us, then go on to work for tech industry leaders like Facebook, Google, Adobe®, Electronic Arts™, and more. We call these our Do Something Big success stories. Meet Mark, a former camper and former iD Tech Camp Director. Mark’s path to Google was kick started by iD Tech Camps—a summer experience that shaped his goals and provided the tools he needed to succeed.  “iD Tech Camps helped me identify what it was I enjoyed about technology. More importantly, my summer immersed in game development helped me realize that many people have successful careers in technology.”

Parents—if you find your student searching for a summer internship or a summer job, please tell them to come back to iD Tech for the best job ever!

To apply, they can visit Hurry before we fill all of our summer jobs!

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