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iD Tech Alumna Feat. in New York Times: Rebecca G. Inspires Girls to Code


We hear the statistic all the time—over half the US population is female, yet only 14% of Computer Science undergrads are female. So, what’s the secret? How do we get more girls interested in coding? Furthermore, why should we?

It’s a topic that has sparked international discussion and debate over the past year or so, yet no large-scale progress has been made engaging girls in programming. On smaller fronts, however, the tides are beginning to turn thanks to empowering figures like Rebecca G., a 23-year-old iD Tech alumna who went on to found CoderDojo, a non-profit that teaches kids to code for free.

Rebecca G., an iD Tech alumna, says iD Tech Camps changed her life, introducing technology as a fun and rewarding career, and motivating her to bring about social and economic equality through STEM education.

Rebecca and several other influential female programmers were recently featured in an article by the New York Times titled “How to Get Girls Into Coding.” Their stories and backgrounds vary, but their advocacy for girl programmers unites them. And it’s not just about balancing numbers or filling seats in college. It’s about connecting girls with the skills to become leaders and game-changers in their careers and in the world at large. Read the full article here.

For girls who want to break into coding, app development, game design, web design, and more, we offer co-ed iD Tech Camps for ages 7–17, as well as iD Coding & Engineering Academy and iD Game Design & Development Academy for ages 13–18. Ages 10–15 can also enroll at Alexa Café, our new all-girls summer program emphasizing web design, coding, leadership, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and more, in a chic, collaborative setting.

Know a girl who loves to code? What sparked her interest? Tell us in the comments!


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