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iD Princeton ‘05 Reunion in NYC and Philly!

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At iD Tech Camps we always say that our students will make friends that last a lifetime but I’d like to point out that the same is true for our staff as well! When I started with iD, back in the summer of ’05 I taught Web Design and Flash Animation out our heralded iD Princeton location. While there I made good friends with an international staff who was hired from Scotland, Andy aka “Wee Haggis”. Though I could barely understand a word he said, we quickly became close friends.

After working hard all week at camp, we’d take road trips all over the northeast coast touring the different parts of the country. In fact, he joined me the next camp season to drive across the country to work at iD UCLA, a road trip I’ll never forget!

I’m proud to say that we’ve remained good friends ever since and have visited each other just about every year. However, our most recent rendezvous was a special as his entire family came a long for the ride! I met up with them in New York City, then we all headed to Philadelphia. Here we are at the world famous Philadelphia Art Museum in front of the infamous “Rocky” statue. Andy and I are up top:


I found the only place NYC broadcasting the Scotland vs. Macedonia Football game, as it was not to be missed (my awesome Scotland Football jersey compliments of Andy’s fam) here we are in attendance:


PROTIP: Did you know the symbol depicted in the Scotish “Isle of Man” Flag (between Andy and I) is called a Triskelion

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