iD Launches New Summer Camp Season!

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Wow, It's November 1!  Our registration is now live and parents are saving some big bucks!  The phones were ringing off the hook today.  Exciting!  The most popular question we are asked when we are out and about doing camp fairs is "what do you do in the off season?"  We are asked the question because we fall into the category of "summer camps," so the question is understandable.  The work behind the scenes is difficult to explain.  But, the workload is immense.  And, it will continue to be if we want to solidify our spot as the #1 tech camp in the USA.

What DO we do in the off season?  Well, to prepare for this launch, we have researched hundreds of tech products, solidified contracts with over 50 existing universities, and a handful of new locations too.  We've completely re-written content and redesigned pages on's hundreds and hundreds of pages of web content.  We're gearing up for summer camp staff hiring--which begins next month.  We're launching a dozen new courses and announcing a lot of cool new offerings including Camp Fatality (a course co-designed by the world's best known pro gamer), launching the iD Film Academy in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Ultimate Gaming Weekends--a specialty teen program.  We've also added a new course for our Study Abroad Program in Spain.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.  We've also launched a new and easy Refer-a-Friend program, and will be unveiling a new carpool application for our parents.  Our pricing structure has become more "client friendly" and includes better savings for multi-week students and families sending siblings.

We write all of our applications in-house, which means we can "create what we dream."  This is a big strategic advantage for us.  It may be more costly and time consuming, but we get to do it our way and not rely on cookie-cutter applications to force the shoe to fit.  Computer camps are our art form.  They are our expression of creativity.  We love what we do--and this is why we work so hard all year round.  We want to be the best, and we want to stay on top.  We look forward to serving our new and returning clients.

Well, I am signing off for now.  I wanted to salute my team for this latest launch.  We met our goal of November 1.  An immeasurable amount of work has gone into planning for this launch--all with the goal of evolving the greatest, most fun, tech-filled computer camp on the planet.

Take a moment to check out our site.  Have a great day.  Happy November!  Don't forget to set your clock back this weekend.


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Pete has been at the helm of iD since 2000. He resides in Silicon Valley. Pete has a love of design and is passionate about creating memorable experiences for kids. By day he is CEO, by night he is a youth soccer coach and chef of the house. Pete studied at UW in Seattle and worked abroad in Spain. He is fluent in Spanish, but his kids think otherwise. The best part of the job? Seeing the kids advance from tech novices to studying at top Universities and landing big-time jobs.

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