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Hey all -

We are in the midst of a really exciting season at iD Tech! I'm getting flooded with posts from staff members about the activities they are doing with their campers and the amazing things that are already taking place to make this an awesome summer. I'm going to cover a bunch of this great work in my next post... but first, a quick (totally short, although ranty) thought.

I've been working with iD Tech Camp for six years (!!!) - I can't really believe it myself! That first summer, I was a Director at Vassar, and since then I've been representing the camp at fairs and writing the activity curriculum (among other things). The craziest thing happens to me, however, and it happens to iD folks like me around the country.

Wherever I am, I get stopped be someone who recognizes me as a member of the iD Tech team. The most frequent recognition is as the Director of Vassar - in some cases I've even had my former campers insist I was a Director for several years. I just got a message on Facebook from a former camper that is now an instructor at an iD.

"Hey Pete, remember this 4 year camper from Vassar's iD Tech Camp?" he wrote.

I was at the Games for Change Festival this week and had a similar experience with a current instructor who recognized me from training and our vlog. Every year at that conference I get stopped by at least one or two iD Tech folks.

The point of this observation is not that I'm recognizable - because when I talk to other members of the iD community, they have the same stories. The point is that people who attend iD Tech Camp remember the experience as a distinct point in their lives. Even if they are only there for a couple of weeks, the people they interact with, the staff members they meet, the interactions they have - all of these together compose a positive unique memory that sticks for years to come. And these memories are strong enough that they want to still be associated with iD. They still want to reach out to me or Bryan or any of the hundreds of other incredible staff members just to say hello... and in some cases, they aspire to join us.

And that is a really great thing.

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