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Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall


Howdy all!

We had some eggcellent (totally corny!) activities involving eggs this summer and I wanted to share a few.

Carmen SanDiego from Emory University shared pictures from her traditional egg drop competition. Only one egg managed to survive!

NChaku from Merrimack College shared these images and some advice:

1. Make sure you give campers a limit. We used 10 straws, 5 pieces of paper, an arm’s length of tape, and an arm’s length of string with good results.

2. Start at around 3 feet and increased the height with each drop.

3. Build with triangles to maximize strength.

Taz, one of our Trinity University all stars, did his best to help the campers protect their eggs – but none survived!

Princeton University shared this video of an actual Egg Parachute contest (click to view)! Looks like they used one of the famous Princeton castles.

UCSD hosted an egg parachute contest of their own – luckily it wasn’t too windy (above image links to the YouTube video).

Adelphi shared this parachute challenge – looks awesome (above image links to the YouTube video)!