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How to Make the Most of Your Game Design Skills After Camp

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Calling all gamers!  Have you been inspired by your video game courses this summer?  The end of your session shouldn’t mean the end of making your own video games.  In fact, it could just be the beginning of your game design career.  iD Tech Camps, along with the iD Gaming Academy, has a free eBook to guide you along the path to becoming  professional game designer.

The eBook, entitled “10 Steps to Becoming a Pro Game Designer,” gives students a fun look at career possibilities in the gaming industry.  Check out salary information, essential tech skills that attract game studios, prestigious schools that offer game design degrees and more.  Once you’ve been through the eBook, start on the list of action items.  Don’t forget to:

  1. Expand your knowledge base.
  2. Start a portfolio and keep it updated as you learn new skills.
  3. Look at games from a different perspective.

Past iD Tech Camps and iD Gaming Academy students have dreamt BIG and – with lots of hard work – made it big.  Bryan Woods, for example, got his start as an iD Tech Camps student and discovered his passion for visual effects.  He pursued the subject in college, majoring in Compositing and Visual Effects for Film, and was recruited by Electronic Arts™ to be an After Effects Editor.  He says that “Having an instructor with industry experience reveal the secrets behind visual effects inspired me to pursue a career in the field.”

With the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting jobs in the field of game design to grow 13% by 2018, gaming is a smart career plan.  Download the “10 Steps to Becoming a Pro Game Designer” eBook to read up on the rest of iD’s advice for future game designers.

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