11 easy ways to make a socially distanced Halloween fun

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Wondering how to make Halloween fun in this socially distanced world? We’ve got the ultimate list of tips and tricks, (or should we say tricks and treats!) of how to make that happen this year.

Because let's face it—kids and parents sure could use a break; and what better way to do that than with awesome costumes and tasty treats? 

Of course, social distancing and other necessary precautions to keep kids and communities safe means Halloween will look a little bit different this season. But that does not mean Halloween is cancelled...far from it!

Don’t worry, Halloween during COVID can still be spooktacular, fun, and festive!

Socially distanced Halloween ideas

The CDC has released a guide that can help you choose the right option for your family. While your Halloween plan is brewing, make sure to also consult your state and local COVID-19 guidelines. Without further ado, here are our top 11 festive Halloween celebration ideas!

1. iD Halloween Virtual Block Party

That's right, iD Tech has launched our first-ever Halloween Roblox game! 

The iD Halloween Block Party (October 30th, 1:00 PM - November 1st, 10:00PM PT) is free to play and easy to join, featuring festive designs and challenges. Our incredible team has been working non-stop to create something really special, where virtual trick-or-treaters will experience Halloween like never before—inside the popular game, Roblox. 

This groundbreaking event will feature virtual hayrides, spooky AR Instagram filters, haunted house obbies, mazes, and a quest to find the billion hidden virtual candies.

You can claim your free tickets now, and thousands (and counting!) have already signed up. Click here to join the fun!

2. Front Door Decor Contest

Bust out those DIY skills and work together with your community for the ultimate Halloween home makeover. Really get into it—set scoring guidelines, agree upon a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize (on top of bragging rights, of course), and set up a Zoom reveal of the winner!

Walk through your neighborhood in household shifts or set up a photo contest via email/text! Check out our DIY guide to a spooky Halloween door decoration to get started.

3. Nighttime Pumpkin Art Gallery

To really get into the Halloween spirit, wait for dark to set up the perfect, seasonal art gallery: glowing pumpkins! Classic Jack-o-Lanterns or elaborate paper lantern art create the ideal atmosphere for Halloween night.

This is the perfect opportunity to get crafty, pick a family theme, and show off your carving skills. In household shifts and with parent supervision, kids can explore the glow-in-the-dark art gallery and pick a winner!

4. Themed Trivia Night 

As a family or over Zoom, host a Halloween Trivia Night! From the origins of the holiday, to movies, to superstitions and the supernatural, there are plenty of fun, fascinating Halloween facts that make for one awesome trivia game. Kids of all ages can enjoy competing in teams or solo for candy and prizes. 

Plus, why have an ordinary trivia host when you could dress as Gru, Edgar Allan Poe, or Morticia Addams to MC the event? Trivia is fun for the whole family.

5. Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Ok, we maybe, um, are borrowing from another holiday here, but a backyard scavenger hunt works perfectly on Halloween too. Give this tradition a Halloween twist with themed hunt clues, riddles, escape-room like challenges, and pumpkin candy! Keep it simple or make it spooky; there are plenty of ways to make a backyard scavenger hunt a blast! 

6. Halloween Care Package Exchange

With friends and family, set up a Halloween care package mail exchange! There are hundreds of great ideas out there to help your loved ones get into the seasonal spirit. Plus, in these difficult times, it’s always nice to send a reminder to someone special and show that you’re thinking of them. Think of someone you haven’t been able to see in a while, and send some Halloween cheer their way! 

7. Escape Room in a Box (or a Mystery Kit)

Nothing says “Halloween” quite like dimming the lights, putting on your Sherlock Holmes caps, and solving a mystery. Take your sleuthing up a notch by dressing up as characters in the mystery or decorating a room to set the scene. From escape-rooms-in-a-box to mystery case files, there are plenty of engaging options for any age and complexity level. 

8. Crafts & Baking

On a holiday that’s already all about sweets and decoration, there’s hardly a better time to hit the kitchen or the craft store for some fabulous DIY. Care for a cockroach cupcake? Or perhaps recreate magical recipes from Harry Potter or the whimsy of Disney

There's also no shortage of fun, easy Halloween crafts! Get started with some of our fun DIY project ideas, like this Halloween birdhouse, and be sure to show off your creations on social media. 

9. Virtual Trick-or-Treating

It might not be what we’re all used to, but virtual trick-or-treating can still be a fun Halloween activity. There are even nationwide ways to trick-or-treat virtually. On the local level, select a candy assortment to purchase as individual households and perhaps pair them with a seasonal “Dad joke” or kind message.

10. Virtual Halloween Party

Virtual Halloween parties are a great way to celebrate, even through a screen. Get creative with themes, costumes, soundtracks, backgrounds, or perhaps a campfire-style ghost story!

11. Themed Movie Night

Reunite with the Sanderson Sisters, ET, Casper, and other favorite characters for an epic movie marathon. There are options for any age and plenty of extension potential with baking, adding costumes, or a quick round of trivia before the movie! 

However you choose to spend Halloween this year, there’s no question that it’s still possible to have a grand old time. From our iD Tech family to yours, we wish you a safe, fun-filled Halloween! 

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