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How to Give Students an Edge? MyFoxAtlanta Visits iD Tech!

Our Summer Program at Emory University is the latest beneficiary of local news coverage! MyFoxAtlanta recently brought the cameras out to camp, capturing what life is like at iD—students are building fun tech projects while learning skills required to compile resumes of the future. Watch the clip here.

A lot of what is mentioned centers around competition, or getting ahead at a young age. Learning these skills early on is imperative for anyone considering a job in tech; those who hold these skills just might have more doors of opportunity propped open, waiting for them to walk on through.

And it’s not about forcing kids and teens down the path of strictly science, technology, engineering, or math. The point is to also let students know that these STEM subjects actually apply to a myriad of occupations and industries—sports, entertainment, and more. Jobs you’d never really think of when pondering what to do with programming, robotics, or game design. Learn more about STEM camps and resources.

As mentioned in the clip, “The neat thing is just that there are so many options out there now…you can have the nature camps, but these (tech camps) are available too, which is just fabulous" and "With the way technology is going now, these kids are going to need this…”

Part of that connects back to what I was saying last week—it doesn’t have to be tech, tech, and more tech. There can be nature. There can be soccer. Summer camp options allow kids and teens to discover interests.

No matter if you think kids need to be learning STEM skills now or later, technology is only progressing and will only be used more and more and more...and more. Kids are going to "need this." There is no going back to the way things were. Technology is bettering processes, making us more efficient, providing more options for entertainment, and offering capabilities we never thought possible. It makes sense that there will continue to be demand for those who have the ability to program, code, design, develop, and create the things we consume throughout each and every day.