How to celebrate Mother's Day at home

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It goes without saying that moms everywhere deserve special recognition every single day...but, you might want to go above and beyond for the moms in your life this particular Mother's Day.

How to celebrate Mother's Day at home

With that said, there is plenty you can do to show your gratitude. But while mom will probably appreciate most any gesture, what would anyone welcome more than anything right now?

Probably a break. Relaxation. A recharge. 

So, physical gifts are awesome, and there are a few on this list, but try to incorporate them into amazing experiences as best as possible.

1. Create a backyard relaxation haven 

Who wouldn't love sunshine, comfortable breezes, and a calming outdoor soundtrack?

So, why not set up your backyard to maximize all of that?

Here are a few things you might want to include if creating a relaxing retreat:

  • Comfortable lounge to sit and nap on
  • An umbrella for much-needed shade
  • Side table with accompanying beverage and snacks
  • A new book or two; magazines, etc.
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Restricted access, as best as possible

Really, try to take mom mentally out of your home and you home’s surroundings, and into a place where she doesn’t have to think, and more importantly, somewhere she doesn’t have to be bugged. 

(Might be a good time to look into structured online learning for the kids.)

2. Write a personalized story mom can enjoy 

One of my favorite gifts for my wife, and something I’ve gone back to for more than a few gift-giving occasions—writing an original, personalized story.

You can go about it in any manner you think will make an emotional impact, but what I’ve done is focus on a specific event - like how we met, our wedding, the birth of a child - and then create a rhyming re-telling out of it. I then uploaded the story and accompanying photos to Shutterfly and had it all printed as a hardcover book.

With that said, let's face it: if you're reading this, it might be too late! So, think about how you can apply this idea to an experience as well. 

For instance, maybe mom has been wanting a dedicated reading area in the home, (in which case you still better get moving!). Or, maybe she'll welcome reading quietly by herself for a good part of the day, or while relaxing in the above backyard paradise scenario. 

3. Provide the ultimate at-home movie theater experience

The trick with any of these ideas is to elevate them to a point that is above and beyond what mom would experience on a normal weekend. 

Meaning, family movie nights might be a staple in your household, but they also probably consist of a Pixar movie or something you’ve seen on Netflix a million times, a microwaved bag of popcorn, kids fighting with each other throughout the film, maybe the dog barking, significant other snoring, and then some. 

So, flip all of that on its head. it’s now mom’s choice of movie (could even be something new and “in-theaters” with FandangoNow). Hand-popped stove kernels instead of zapped popcorn. Baked cookies or other fresh treats. And last, don’t let anyone in the "theater" without a ticket (it's up to mom on what the guest list looks like).  

4. Arrange a park dinner with a friend

Let’s face it, you can dress up your backyard as nice and as “different” as possible, but at the end of the day, it’s still the same house, the same furniture, and the same loud neighbors, which might be tough to mentally get away from. 

So, how about making arrangements with mom’s best friend, having them meet up at a local park, and getting dinner delivered for them to enjoy?

Let them eat and talk and catch up without interruption, and without curfew. Set up transportation to and from to take any effort on mom’s part completely out of the equation. 

5. Cook up s'mores and gaze stars

While the circumstances just haven't been great for anyone right now, they do open the opportunity to focus on enjoying things we might not have otherwise given much thought.

For instance, with all that’s usually expected on a mother’s day - breakfast in bed, spa day, etc. - anything after dinner or into the night might be easily forgotten.

So, in this case, why not set up the backyard as a relaxing stargazing experience? Bring out the fire pit and s'mores ingredients, and just sit, and watch, and relax. 

You can do no wrong

Let’s be honest...on Mother’s Day, as long as you “do,” and follow through with thoughtfulness and care, you can do no wrong. Any effort will most likely be appreciated, and that’s just one of many things that make what moms do every day so special. 

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