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How to Become an Indie Game Designer – Free eBook

You don’t always need the financial support or assistance of a major publisher to build the video game of your dreams. In fact, you can get started right now; creating your own video game—an “indie” (or an independently developed video game).

What good is an indie game?

You might think indie video games can’t amount to much more than a small following of fans who love such creations for their charm and uniqueness—but Minecraft should make you think again. Thus, it’s not about the resources put into the game, but rather the output. If it’s a good game, people will play it. All the hype, reviews, and marketing dollars might get someone to try a title once, only to fail in generating enough entertainment for a repeat play.

How to get started…

We’ve put together an eBook guide for you to become an Indie Game Designer. Do you have what it takes? Maybe a few not-so-crazy ideas floating around the creative corners of your mind? It’s 10 Steps to Becoming a Professional Indie Game Designer. And it’s free. And you can download now.








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