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How The #1 Tech Summer Camp Celebrates When Managers Are Away

instructor helping student at computer tech camp

Dear Friends,

It’s not how your team performs when you are in the office that counts.  It’s what happens when you are away…

I’d like to congratulate Mr. Pat on his 5th-year anniversary here at iD.  He’s gone from a fine Client Services Representative,  to a Client Services Lead, and for several years now has been our beloved Client Services Manager.

Unfortunately, Mr. Pat is away at a Party in sunny Sandy Eggo.  Pat, are you down there for business checking out our summer camps in San Diego, or what?  I thought not!

In your honor, we have decided to celebrate, but not at your desk.  Not by your desk.  Nope!  We are celebrating ON your desk!  How many Client Service Managers can brag that their staff are having this much fun, on their desk, in their absence?  Not many, my friends.

Golf & Tech on Pat's Desk

Mr. Pat, this party is for you.  Thanks for all you do.  You embody the iD Spirit, you push our culture to be fun and caring and to do the right thing, you put in countless hours to make the user experience smooth and elegant–and you do it all with an amazing attitude.

PS, you are still ranked #1 on Google on the key phrase “Captain Curry.”  Well done.

Congratulations.  Have fun this weekend.  Be safe.  Thanks for all you do!

-Pete, CEO, iD Tech Camps

  • John Asher

    Congratulations Pat!

    That is an amazing photo!


  • Charlie

    Children, please do not try this at home.

  • Seattle mama

    OMG! Hilarious! How do I get a job there?!

  • Pete

    Hey Seattle Mama! Thanks for your interest. We have summer camp jobs in Seattle, but we also have full time positions in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here are some helpful links you can cut and paste into your browser.


  • Hunter

    Im a previous camper here, and was looking into getting my ex-teacher’s e-mail. His name is Mayo from the Rollins college in Florida. I have a few questions about C++.
    Looks like im not the only one who’s injoying camp!
    Nice picture!!!

  • Pete


    Please contact and they can help you out! Thanks!