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How can the Nyan Cat earn you $1000 towards free camp?

Nyan Cat Fly Contest

Greetings from Grizzle!  As of Nov. 1st, our brand new (and formerly top secret) service, Tech Rocket has officially launched is currently open for registration!  Since day one, lucky subscribers have been following Tech Rocket’s online tutorials to make their own games, iphone apps, special FX for film and much more!  But that isn’t all!  They’ve also been meeting up on Tech Rocket’s online forums and making friends with one another before camp, helping each other with tech questions and generally having a great time getting theme selves introduced on Tech Rocket.

But what about the $1000 dollars towards a camp voucher???

Well, that’s the other thing that student have been doing on Tech Rocket: competing for a $1000 voucher to be put towards camp!  Every month Tech Rocket features a Flash game for it’s online gaming tournament and the winner receives a prize.  To celebrate the first two months after Tech Rocket’s launch (Nov and Dec) the grand prize is extra grand, in fact, it is quite literally a GRAND ($1000) in the form of a camp (or academy) voucher.

What does the Nyan Cat have to do with any of this???

Well, this month’s tournament game is “Nyan Cat Fly!” featuring everyone’s favorite Cat / Pop-Tart hybrid; the Nyan Cat.  In “Nyan Cat Fly!” you fly through space and score points by eating candy, whilst avoiding veggies that harm you (just like in real life).  As of Nov. 9th, 2011 at 4:31pm a user by the name of “Shadow” is in the lead with 14,208 points – can you top that and steal the prize?  As the Tech Rocket community begins to grow, the amount of competition will never be lower than it is today – act fast!  You should join the fun and sign up for Tech Rocket today!