How a Summer Working at iD Tech Will Help You Land That Dream Job

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We recently sat down with Dale Markowitz, a software engineer at OKCupid in New York City, to talk about her summer teaching at the iD Programming Academy at NYU and how it gave her the skills to succeed at a big name company. Dale, a recent graduate of Princeton University, chose to spend the summer after graduation teaching Electrical Engineering with Arduino at iD Tech.

When asked what her favorite part of the job was, she shared with us that “The whole spirit of iD Tech as opposed to a regular job is just fun! The main goal is to learn, but it’s also to have fun. At iD Tech you are the center of the universe for eight students every week. You get to define for these students what computer science is going to be. The impact that you have is so much deeper and profound than working on a small piece of software at a technical internship.”

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Aside from having a blast getting to know the campers and introducing them to the world of CS, Dale also used her time at iD Tech to refine her skills and practice some new ones. “I came into iD Tech thinking I had this conception of what electrical engineering was and what were the difficult parts and what’s clear. Then the campers came in with little to no understanding of electrical engineering and it made me rethink my whole foundation of electrical engineering.” at her job at OkCupid, Dale has to explain her ideas to colleagues in a very linear, understandable way. According to Dale, “iD Tech really helped me learn which things are confusing and how to break them down in a step by step way.”

Dale also feels her time at iD Tech gave her some valuable project management skills. “It’s easy to get experience coding. You do that in your coursework at school and in student projects. But being a project manager is more difficult. You have to work your way into it. iD Tech gives you practice interacting with technical people and managing a team.

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We asked if she had any advice for undergraduates out there hoping to land a job at a big tech company. “When companies are looking for software developers, they’re looking for someone who is personable and can communicate well with others, but it’s very hard for them to determine that by looking at a resume. They want technical skills and they want you to be a good fit for the culture of their company."

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Here at iD Tech we strive to give each of our employees the skills to succeed in their future careers. Whether you are looking to join a big firm, a start-up, or maybe even join iD Tech full time, we want to help you hone your professional skills.  If you’re up for the challenge and want to have a fantastic summer like Dale’s, apply now!

About the Author:
Kris has been involved with iD Tech for 6 years, working as a Camp Director, Curriculum Developer, and now Regional Manager. Before iD Tech, Kris worked in film doing VFX for directors such as Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, and Michael Bay. In his spare time he likes to wander around Brooklyn and find inspiration for his paintings.

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