Your Child Completed the Hour of Code. But What's Next?

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During this year's Computer Science Education Week (December 5-11), tens of thousands of students participated in's Hour of Code at schools, libraries, community centers, and homes across the nation. In a world where over 1 million programming jobs are projected to go unfilled by 2020, that's a BIG deal. Hats off to all the first-time programmers, STEM education advocates, and parents working to counter the prevalent lack of computer science in public schools!

Now in its fourth year, the hugely successful event continues to introduce students of all ages, backgrounds, and interests to the power of coding. It's fun, it's accessible, and for many, it serves as a potential gateway to longer-term computer science endeavors. While that in itself is something to celebrate, it's important to remember that no child becomes a star programmer simply by practicing for one hour, one time.

It may sound obvious, but think of it this way: whether your child aspires to play professional soccer, speak a foreign language, or become an elite artist or respected musician, it will take practice—and lots of it. The same goes for coding.

Like many parents of recent Hour of Code participants, you may find yourself wondering what comes next. If you live in an area where computer science courses are hard to come by in school, you may feel particularly adrift. Sound familiar? We're here to help you plan for the 2nd hour of code and beyond.

Complete the Free Tutorials

If your child enjoyed the Hour of Code, be sure to take advantage of the wealth of other free resources and tutorials provided by Your student can choose from a variety of mini coding lessons, exploring game design, storytelling, art, puzzles, and more. (Pop culture savvy students will enjoy the Star Wars, Frozen, and Minecraft-themed tutorials!) Endorsed by industry leaders like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, these lessons are a great next step for aspiring coders.

Register for a Summer Tech Camp

As the nation's leading summer tech program for ages 6-18, iD Tech fills the computer science void left by mainstream education. Beginner to advanced students code apps from scratch, develop video games, mod Minecraft with Java, engineer VEX robots, discover cyber security, and so much more. In small clusters of just 8 students per instructor (guaranteed), your child can code an impressive project in as little as one week. Programs are held at Stanford, NYU, Caltech, and over 150 prestigious campuses nationwide. Find a location near you.

Try Year-Round Online Learning

Looking for an immersive, year-round learning experience? Tech Rocket, launched by iD Tech, is home to 30+ courses, an exclusive Minecraft server, a community forum, and a gamified learning experience complete with unlock-able badges and course certificates. Whether your child prefers a self-paced course with live support or one-on-one tech tutoring sessions, they'll explore fun, engaging concepts and build lasting coding and game design skills. Bonus: students who register for an on-campus summer program at iD Tech save $50 on Tech Rocket!

 Registration for our Summer 2017 season is live!

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