'Hour of Code' Is Underway- 60 Minutes Can Make All the Difference

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This week, non-profit code.org has helped put together the Hour of Code which runs December 9-15th. Hour-long coding events will take place in schools, workplaces, and communities nationwide, with the goal of exposing millions of students to Computer Science programming in a fun, easy-to-understand way. The message is simple: anyone can learn to code.

We just need to boost the mainstream appeal.

Programming has long been viewed as something just for geniuses. In reality, learning to code is a lot like learning to read, write, or do math. With guidance and practice, everybody can do it. The real obstacle is that 9/10 high schools don't offer Computer Science classes--and the lack of courses is even more prevalent in younger grades. The solution? Independent coding events like the Hour of Code. Extracurricular programs. Summer tech camps that focus on coding. We offer iD Tech Camps for kids and teens, as well as more intensive iD Programming Academy for ages 13-18.

It's not too late to participate in an Hour of Code event in your community. Click here to learn more, and check out the official Hour of Code video spot:

Happy coding!

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