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Hour of Code: 16,746,032 Kids & Teens Get Intro to Programming

To say this year’s Hour of Code was a success is an understatement–according to, roughly 16,746,032 students participated in the Hour of Code in schools, workplaces, and communities nationwide, as well as online using tutorials provided by In the online tutorials alone, students reportedly wrote 552,228,666 lines of code! To put that in perspective, the Microsoft Windows operating system uses about 50 million lines of code.

As points out, it is important that students take their new knowledge and “Go Beyond One Hour of Code.” The site now features a lineup of programming tutorials designed to engage students over a longer period of time. Users can delve deeper into topics like Web Design, Robotics, Game Design, and more.

The best part? The tutorials are FUN! Known for its colorful drag-and-drop interface and ease of use, Scratch (a project of the MIT Media Lab) is featured on the site. Want to learn more about Scratch? At iD Tech, we offer two courses built around the program: Intro to Programming with Scratch & Java™, and Adventures in Programming with Scratch

Take your coding skills further at our summer programs for kids and teens. Learn to code using Minecraft. Develop iPhone® and iPad® apps. Design video game levels with Portal™  2 and Team Fortress® 2. We also offer Tech Rocket, our year-round online learning platform for all ages, featuring coding tutorials, tech workshops, games, contests with prizes, and more. projects that over 1 million Computer Science jobs will go unfilled by 2020. Build your programming skills now, and prepare for school, college, and tomorrow’s abundant STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers!


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