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Hot Game Alert – ‘Batman: Arkham City’ Releases Tuesday

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In the movie world, sequels are often met with lukewarm, “meh” reactions, as so many have failed to live up to the potential established by their predecessors.  But when it comes to gaming, that sentiment is flipped on its head, with sequels often delivering as much excitement as first installments, adding a load of additional bells and whistles to boot.

One of the year’s most anticipated new video game releases, ‘Batman: Arkham City’ will most likely continue the trend of video game sequels that pack more than a punch.


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In ‘City,’ a host of new villains join the Joker (voiced by Mark Hamill) and the Riddler, including Two Face, the Penguin, and other classic Batman characters.  And, besides playing as the “Caped Crusader,” players will have a chance to navigate the game’s landscape as Catwoman, and even trusty sidekick Robin.

Video game development is provided Rocksteady Studios, a British developer based in London.  Rocksteady opted to stick with its successful formula, creating ‘City’ as an open world, action-adventure game where players can direct Batsy all around town with stealthy tactics – of course, all while collecting and using famous Batman gadgets on the way to saving Catwoman and securing Gotham’s safety.


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The game will release Tuesday, October 18th for play on the Xbox 360 and PS3, as well as on Microsoft Windows and cloud gaming platform Onlive.

All in all, the game promises to be bigger and better – hard to believe considering the success of 2009’s ‘Arkham Asylum,’ but a refreshing statement for those looking for elevated, high-flying gameplay.

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