A HoliDay Break in Silicon Valley

iD Tech in action

Living in Silicon Valley is many things: exciting, fast-paced, ever-changing… you get the picture!

But who doesn’t like a good break every now and then from the daily routine?

As a family-founded and purpose-driven company, iD Tech provides our employees with ample paid time off each holiday season to take time to be in the present and enjoy loved ones.

Some of our iDers adventured to new destinations, braved the biggest fire to ever hit California, or just enjoyed a good old staycation.

Speaking of a staycation, Christina Nielsen, our amazing Office Coordinator, not only multitasks like nobody’s business but is an extremely talented singer! During the break, she performed two shows with her band, close by in Monterey and Half Moon Bay. She also saw a familiar face at her Monterey show—one of iD’s directors, Alisa Schreckengast, went and supported Christina’s band, further proving the authenticity of our iD family that we love.


Another Bay Area local Nicole Hutson, iD’s Systems Administrator, spent her break going through the major undertaking of getting a new knee. She seems to be enjoying her new metal and says she is now bionic and can jump 30 feet in the air! (I don’t know about you, but we believe it.) However, she ensured that she got to enjoy some of her holiday break by going out on the water with her loved ones!

iD Tech Nicole 2
We also have many iDers who work remotely, outside the Bay Area. For some, like Kody Beaver, our Product Support Specialist, the holiday break was full of new places like New York City, but also new furry faces. Kody welcomed a Goldendoodle into his family named Montgomery (Monty the Magnificent), also known as Flopsy because of his rag doll-like teddy bear features.

Kody 1Kody 2
For others, unfortunately the holiday break was spent as more of an “evacu-cation” as Charlie Freund, one of our Territory Managers, found himself in the middle of the largest fire to ever hit California. The Thomas Fire thankfully spared Charlie’s home, but their holiday break had to be spent elsewhere. As a result, the Freund family spent three weeks in Palm Springs to avoid the ash and smoke that engulfed their hometown.

Charlie 2
Of course, there were many more adventures. Take a peek at what the rest of us were up to over our break.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 4.05.30 PM
Getting back to work after the holidays can be tough, but for us, it’s an exciting time. We get to share our stories with each other and that fuels our motivation for 2018.

Nothing is more rewarding than being a part of a company that provides life-changing tech experiences for students, but also gives the opportunity for us to create life-changing experiences with our own families. From our iD family to yours, we wish you an amazing year!

A photo of Brooke

Brooke graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Public Relations and started with iD Tech in 2017. You can usually find her at the beach, at a country concert or hanging out with her pup, Milo. She was born in Sacramento and bounced around, including spending a couple years in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, till finding her forever home in the Bay Area.

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