Help Kids Code Interviews iD Tech Founding Siblings

iD Tech in action

For their December issue, online magazine Help Kids Code sat down with iD Tech founding brother and sister, Pete (CEO) and Alexa (President), to get a behind-the-scenes look at our summer tech camps for kids and teens. The publication "helps kids, parents, teachers, and adults learn about coding and computer science with as little fuss as possible."

In the piece, Pete and Alexa revisit the early days of iD and discuss the company's evolution, their relationship and roles, high camp standards, how to evaluate a summer camp, and some of their fondest iD memories thus far. Spoiler alert: One of Pete's favorite camp stories involves a bee sting and a Chipotle burrito...

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Quotable highlights:

"It’s funny because I don’t think of us as having the 'normal' brother sister relationship. I think we tended to get along better than the norm. Because we were close and were very supportive of each other growing up — same soccer teams, fort building, shared car, and so on, this led to us attending the same University, traveling the globe together and ultimately starting a business together. I am not sure how many brother/sister teams could do this and maintain their sanity — and their relationships. 16 years, and several children later, we are still going strong." -Alexa

"I was out at American University in Washington, DC two summers ago and there was a student taking an Android development class with us. That day he got stung by a bee and I happened to be there. The staff did everything they needed to do. They called the ambulance because they thought there might be an allergic reaction. Long story short, I got to develop a relationship with the kid. He had missed dinner so I bought him a Chipotle burrito. He remembered and appreciated us so much he recently wrote to me to say we’re the reason he’ll be studying game design in college based on our camp and a burrito." -Pete

"Pete and I also strongly believe in being actively involved. We don’t just lead the company from a closed office. We are out and about. In fact, Pete and I don’t even have offices. We travel to the university sites. We meet our staff and personalize the experience. Our main office staff thinks of iD Tech as their own and this reflects in their daily work ethic. We push each other to do 110%, not just for ourselves but for the children and families we serve." -Alexa

"Our parents gave us a sense of confidence and a belief that if you work hard at something you can accomplish what you want. We have passed this idea to our staff and down to the kids. We really believe we can do anything. We’re all very grounded. We don’t drive expensive cars or live in big mansions. We were voted #1 small workplace in the SF Bay Area this year which speaks to how you treat people and employees. Our parents I think are hugely proud of their kids." -Pete

Big thanks to Tim Slavin of Help Kids Code for conducting the interview!

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