A GREAT summer isn't too far in the distance

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What makes something great? First, it needs to be at least “good.” To be “good,” it needs to be above average, and to be above average, it needs to go beyond simply meeting expectations. 

Given all of that, summer is supposed to be fun. That’s a given. That’s the expectation. So, a fun summer isn’t necessarily a great summer, you know?

Semantics aside, what really makes a great summer? We know it needs to be fun, but what else? 

For many, it’s getting to experience something rare; rare in the sense that it’s not an everyday occurrence, and that it’s something you walk away from wanting more. It’s what makes Christmas great, or a movie exceptional, etc. 

With summer, it could be an amazing vacation that took things from good to great. Maybe it was getting to see a friend who lives states away. 

For us here at iD Tech, we see great summers born from camp. More specifically, we see great summers take shape when kids and teens embrace the opportunity to learn something new and different, while forging new lasting relationships with like-minded peers. 

I’m not just guessing in this regard. 

We ask every student and parent to leave feedback about their summer program experience when camp comes to a close, and greatness is one of the more obvious themes. 

Here’s what I mean:

A great summer

"This camp went beyond our expectations, as it was such a great experience with friendly staff, wonderful memories with new friends, and an opportunity for great learning growth in my child." -Gina H., Texas Christian University

"Jordan has been to iD Tech three times and loved it every time! This last time was his first overnight camp and it was great. The staff took great care of him!" -Kerry G., Lewis & Clark College

"Thank you for this introduction to programming for Diego. The experience is unique and rewarding and the setting at CU Boulder just adds to a great overall experience. Diego is excited to continue his programming understanding. Thanks again." -Javier G., University of Colorado Boulder

"My daughter was exposed to programming at Alexa Café. This was such a great opportunity for her and for all the girls at the camp. I hope that more girls in the US and throughout the world can experience a camp like this." -Celine F., University of Denver

"I am completely blown away by the project my son made. He had a lot of fun. Great value for a great time." -Shelli L., University of Washington - Bothell

"Excellent camp. Great experience getting to stay at CU Boulder—what a wonderful opportunity. Thank you! We will recommend the camp to friends and will be back next summer for at least a week!" -Jennifer T., University of Colorado Boulder

"This week was great for Kai. The instructor recognized she needed to move ahead and continue to be challenged. Her energy and excitement were palpable." -Kamela D., University of Washington - Seattle

"iD Tech Camps are the event of the summer I look forward to all year! Learning to code is very important and can help you get into a good college and a good job! A great experience for sure!" -Noah C., University of Denver

"This was a great experience for my niece; I am so happy for her opportunity to take part in this." -Don R., University of Washington - Seattle

"This was a great in-depth experience for Paul, and his second year at iD Tech. He thoroughly enjoyed it, and I appreciated the close supervision and relationship the instructors develop with the campers." -Anna C., University of Washington - Seattle

"Paige has autism and keeping her involved can be difficult for teachers. She LOVED iD Tech. Every day she was happy and spent a lot of time describing her day to everyone in the house. This was a GREAT experience for her." -Patricia S., California State University, San Marcos

"The instructors for the camp were very knowledgeable and great mentors. The kids came home excited about their projects and the other kids in their course. Thank you for a great experience." -Christine B., University of Miami

"My son is on his fourth year (and sixth week!) at iD Tech, and he will be back again! A great experience that emphasizes fun and learning." -Jonah S., Amherst

""I had a great first year, and I'm undoubtedly shooting for coming back next year!"" -Christopher S., University of Washington - Seattle

"Everything from meeting new people to turning our simple idea into our own film to editing the final project has been a great experience. I have enjoyed my time here at camp and hope to come back someday." -Jonas F., University of Nevada, Las Vegas

"Carter had a great week! He absolutely raved about the iD Tech team, how friendly everyone was and how special they made him feel." -Jim D., SUNY New Paltz

"I have done some basic coding in the past but I never really understood it completely. At Alexa Café, the instructors and programs are so helpful and make a lot of sense. After my great experience at camp, I am going to continue coding, and in the future I now aspire to work in the STEM field." -Radha S., Palo Alto High School

"Six great years in this program, and I've grown and learned so much with the support of iD Tech. Thank you." -Susan O., Montclair State University

"What a well-run camp, and real skills learned. A great experience!" -Michelle W., Johns Hopkins University - Rockville

"Alexa Café brought my shy daughter out of her shell. She gained confidence and learned video editing skills that she's excited about. She had a great experience!" -Amy B., Bryn Mawr College

"This coding camp was great because I learned JavaScript and even coded my own quiz!" -Bence L., San Francisco State University

"I had a great time at iD Tech. I made a ton of new friends and had fun building my own computer, along with learning to code. All the instructors are nice and very helpful." -Trevor Z., Florida Atlantic University

"Our children had a great week. I was nervous that the class would be too long to keep their attention, but they enjoyed every minute. Both of my children really connected with the staff." -Tiffany L., Carroll University

"I wanted to give Elijah an opportunity to do more than just play video games. This camp was a great experience for him to build confidence and creativity." -Yvonne C., Ohio State University

Give your child the greatest summer

Did you know summer is only about 140 days away? If your goal is to make it a great one, avoid procrastination! I can’t speak for other programs, but our courses are filling up, and only get closer to reaching capacity with each day that passes.

And for those of you who want to increase your chances of greatness, check out our online coding courses for kids and teens, officially known as iD Tech Online. Our Online Private Lessons offer the perfect opportunity for students to prep for our summer courses, continue learning afterwards, or explore new topics whenever inspiration strikes. 

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