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Happy Valentine’s Day, iD Nation

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It’s Valentine’s Day and I want to wish all my readers a very, very happy day.  I hope we can remember that this day has become sickly commercialized.  It is not about chocolate or diamonds or a fancy dinner.  This day is about spreading love to the people in our lives.  Give them a call.  Send them an email.  Blog them.  This day is about being noticed in a way that is different from the other 364 days a year.  So, sorry Naty, but your time is up!   Will you be my valentine?  My wife, Natalia, is the love of my life.  We’ve been married for 5 years.  We have two beautiful children.  Natalia is a rock for me.  She keeps me grounded.  She understands the late nights and frequent travel that come with running iD Tech Camps.

When iD Tech Camps was still in its infancy, we definitely had our days.  There isn’t an entrepreneur out there that hasn’t felt the startup blues.  Is it worth it?  Are we on the right track?  Is this all going to come crashing down?  Do we know what the heck we are doing?  Can we compete?  When these questions presented themselves in the startup days, my wife was there.  She’d tell me to stick with it.  I remember one evening several years ago when the stress and the tough finances and the sheer exhaustion got the better of me.  My wife put her hand on my shoulder, looked me right in the eye, and softly said, “Just give it one more season.  You can do it.”

Well, I, along with my family and incredible crew, gave it more than just one more season.  Next year we’ll be celebrating ten seasons running summer computer camps.  Ten seasons in the summer camp business is a pretty big achievement on its own.  But the fact that iD has risen to the top of the food chain is a source of tremendous, tremendous pride for all of us in the company.  We love being able to say that “more students enroll at iD Tech Camps than any other computer camp.”  We don’t say it to brag.  We say it because we are insanely proud that so many people have entrusted us.  And they know they can count on us.  But things could have turned out differently.

I dedicate this blog to my wife who didn’t let me give up when the going got tough.  I dedicate this blog to my wife because she believed in me, and the potential of iD Tech Camps at a time when it was just too hard for me to recognize the potential that was knocking on our door.

Should I ever complain, or point out to my wife that there are not too many guys out there that have the versatility of running a company, cooking for the family nightly, being completely involved in raising our two boys, blah blah blah, then my wife is always quick to retort, “I don’t compare you to other guys.  I compare you to your potential.  And you can do better.”  Thanks, Naty, for knocking me down a peg or two, and keeping me grounded.  Thanks for helping me reach my potential.  You are right.  I can do better.  I think we all can.

So, iD Nation, what are you going to do to help make someone better today?  Give them a call.  Send them an email.  Blog them.  But make sure they know they are special.

Te quiero, Naty!  Un beso!


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