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Happy New Year from America's #1 Tech Camp!

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Hello iD Nation!

Greetings from Argentina! We live in crazy, but amazing times. I love being able to lug my lap top around, plug into a WiFi hot spot in the middle of nowhere (trust me) and be able to reach out to the world from a small town in the middle of Argentina.

For my next post, I’ll share some pictures of my trip–Cha Cha, I know I promised you a picture of a big $7 Argentine steak, and I will deliver!

I’m also going to share some life-changing lessons from the books I am reading on this trip–The Last Lecture, The Kite Runner, Audacity of Hope, and Slash. I’ve read more books on this trip than I’ve read in the past 4 years. My boys are a little more independent now that they are older. My oldest is even taking siestas now–which is funny because at the grand age of 4, he remarks all the time “I am too old for naps.” He is convinced that he does not nap. Instead, that when he sleeps during the day, then wakes up, it is a new day! Technically, then, it is not a nap, Right? A nap connects two parts of the same day. That is so cool! He lives two days for each day I live! And that, my friends, is the magic of youth.

I’ve been sporting my iD Tech Camps gear all over Argentina. Not sure they are ready for computer camps yet, let alone summer camps–but I see the trends unfolding. More and more dual-income families need quality summer education for their kids. Who knows…

Pictures are coming in the next post. Until then, I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year!


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