"Happening Now": New iD Tech TV commercial captures smiles & brilliance of Virtual Tech Camps

iD Tech in action

Between spring break, school closures, and inconsistent (and unknown results of) distance learning programs, all kids and teens now have an immediate need for structured learning.

Which is where parents find themselves right now—searching high and low for online learning for kids, and fortunately, coming across handfuls of experiences to consider. Those who have homeschooled before might be better suited to tackle the issue, but for those who haven’t explored the online learning ecosystem, it can be overwhelming. 

The problem is, not all opportunities are created equal, and “online learning” really takes more forms than we know what to do with. Should kids be at a screen and pointing and clicking their way through self-paced courses, or would they get more out of a live classroom environment?

Because let’s face it, it’s not just the opportunity to keep minds sharp, but for kids to be able to socialize as well. 

Which leads me to what we are doing here at iD Tech.

A Silicon Valley family company that started educating over 20 years ago, not in a garage like you might have guessed, but in a small studio above a garage, we have built ourselves up to be the #1 STEM summer camp from literally nothing.

From such a start and the 20+ years that have followed, we are uniquely prepared to help families in summer, yes, but also right now. 

With that, we have launched Virtual Tech Camps—live, structured, weeklong sessions for ages 7-19, offering a balanced schedule of 2 hours of live instruction + 2 hours of self-paced project development per day, and with curriculum that includes Python, Java, Minecraft, Roblox, AI, Unreal Engine, Adobe, 3D modeling, and more. 

Classes are kept small - only 5 students max per - to allow for personalized learning and time for kids to socialize and learn alongside others, and are led by tech rockstar instructors who have a passion for tech and unmatched expertise. 

Virtual Tech Camps offerings go along with already-existing Online Private Lessons, which feature much of the same curriculum and are taught by the same instructors, but in a one-on-one, 60-minute session instead. 

Given all of that, it still might be tough to fully grasp what a virtual camp looks like. So, we decided to feature some of the action in our new commercial. You can check it out by clicking the screenshot below. 

With students' lives being upended in ways that are challenging to navigate due to the coronavirus, iD Tech's Virtual Tech Camps fill the classroom void and help students stay on path towards academic success in a meaningful, engaging way.  

For parents, the online offerings provide their children with much-needed certainty, socialization, and joy-filled learning.  

"I have to say, this program was a real boost to my kiddo's spirits this week. Being able to have something to look forward to every day and seeing other kids made life feel a little more normal for my guy. Not to mention he has loved what he learned," said Linda H., parent of a Virtual Tech Camps student of a Virtual Tech Camps student. 

More than 50,000 students annually enroll in iD Tech programs, gaining life-changing skills in topics ranging from coding, artificial intelligence, 3D modeling, robotics, game design, and moviemaking. To learn more, visit www.idtech.com/virtual.

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