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Halloween Fun at iD Tech Camps!

instructor helping student at computer tech camp

Anyone knows that at iD Tech Camps our camp staff is all about having fun, and our corporate staff is no exception!  Every year Halloween is a big event in our main office and throughout our nationwide satellite offices. Here are some highlights of our costumes:

It’s me as the Big Bad Wolf!11855_1297032184560_1193021902_30925335_1155598_n

The Ingram-Cauchi family (our founders!) as Little Bo Peep and her Flock of Sheep09B_2465

Patrick from Client Services as a Karate Master!16031_161724008423_546373423_2937022_5094624_n

Joy and her family as a Star Wars menagerie including Luke (in-Jedi-training), Yoda, Princess Leia and an adorable Jawa16169_1198193848343_1633413430_495362_4819757_n

Jimmy from the Web Dept. as Fred Flintstone!16031_161950263423_546373423_2938862_7369050_n

Dwayne from Client Services as “Gumdrop Head”!16169_1198179127975_1633413430_495234_2572743_n

Brother-sister duo Kate from Human Resourses and Dylan from Field Support as 50’s Girl and Roger Rabbitkatedylan

Nova from Administrative Services as a Peacock!16169_1198179767991_1633413430_495249_3832829_n

And I just can’t get enough of myself!11855_1297033344589_1193021902_30925344_6416220_n

That does it for Halloween ’09.  I can’t wait for next year!

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