Halloween apps to use before, during, and after trick-or-treating.

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Halloween is right around the corner, but in case you’re behind on planning, or are just looking for a reason to download more iPhone or Android apps, here are a few options for kids and parents to enjoy over the next week.

Before Halloween

Deciding on a Halloween costume gets progressively more difficult the older you get.  I remember being completely OK with alternating between Ninja Turtle Michelangelo and pro baseball player for 6 years straight as a youngster.  These days, costumes are cooler, and there are more options…how do you select one over another?

The Movie Costume app allows you to morph a profile picture into any one of 280 different characters.  Test your look as a menacing monster, your favorite villain, or even a plundering pirate before making this year’s costume decision.  Virtually throw on variety of different costumes, apply face paint and more with this Halloween app.

On Halloween

For those of you who might be sending kids out to undertake a candy quest of their own, Trick or Tracker keeps  parents informed of their child’s location throughout the evening.  In order for the app to work, both child and parent must have the app installed on their smartphones.  Parent then selects a time interval (say 30 minutes) and receives a text message with their child’s whereabouts every 1/2 hour.  Simple, but useful.

After Halloween

MotiveTrix Toothbrushing appOk, this one could fall under the "apps for all occasions" category, but it should be given special attention after finishing off pillowcases full of candy.  Stay motivated and entertained for the recommended two full minutes of brushing with this app.

In all seriousness, have fun and stay safe this Halloween.  The examples above just go to show that apps can take on a variety themes, looks, and layouts.  If you want to create your own app, there is no limit to your creativity.

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