Green Gamification = a Fun Way to Help the Environment

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Anyone with a phone full of games, productivity enhancers, and multiple forms of entertainment might say their world revolves around their apps.  The opposite may be true for others…those who opt for apps that are powering – or potentially saving – the planet.

It’s known as “green gamification.”

Green; adj.

  1. Concerned with resource conservation and improving the environment.

Gamification; noun

  1. Incorporating game features, aspects, and dynamics (e.g. competition, point accumulation, rewards, rules) into non-game applications to increase entertainment and engagement.

Thus, green gamification describes “the use of games to make sustainability fun and rewarding” as stated by in their recent article on the subject.  The piece goes on to describe the rise of beautifully-functioning apps that allow users to manage consumption of resources in an engaging manner.  It’s about transforming what could be thought of as a “chore” into an entertaining activity – much like the Nike+ Fuelband has done for exercise.

Both topics of “greening” and “gamification” are near and dear to each of us here at iD.  Our new blended learning platform iD Game Plan is changing the way students learn by offering a “gamified sandbox.”  Participants unlock levels and earn points as they go through their camp sessions.  And being green has been an iD focus since inception.  Did you know we plant one tree for every camper who registers for our programs?

When it comes to saving the environment, gamification holds people accountable, measuring their actions and most of the time, sharing those actions socially.  Check out the big names in green gamification to learn more about how you can join the fun in helping save the planet: Opower, MyEnergy, PracticallyGreen.

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Ryan manages blog content at iD Tech, starting with the company in 2008. He earned his MBA from Santa Clara University after obtaining his Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State. Connect on LinkedIn!

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