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Hello iD Nation!

It’s fun for me to announce another blogger in the company. Jaime G. posted content for me this week. She heads up our iD Greening campaign. Thanks, Jaime, for this content! Jaime is someone who walks the walk. She didn’t just dream up living and working in a greener world when it became a hot topic in the press–she has been living and contributing to the lifestyle for quite some time now. iD salutes you, Jaime!


Jaime’s Blog Entry

I’m really excited about being the Green Ambassador to iD. I guess they thought I was a good fit because I live in one of the greenest cities in the U.S.-Portland, Oregon (both figuratively and literally). In fact, it’s raining as I write this and the lawn is glowing green.

Jaime working from her home in Portland Oregon

That’s me, Jaime, writing this blog! See that lamp? It’s lit with a fluorescent bulb!

I love a lot of things about working for iD, but one amazing thing about the team we have here, is our ability to conceptualize an iDea and make it a reality. After last summer, at our annual meeting, we were throwing around the concept that we could be better at reducing our environmental footprint. We talked about the impact we could have on energy conservation if at our 50 locations we turned computers off when they weren’t in use, (elimination potential of 392,000 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere). And that was just one thing we knew we could do! Two weeks later I was granted Ambassador Status and we’ve been working hard to implement our Greening iDeas ever since. We don’t want to be just the largest, most recommended computer camp in the country, we also want to be the greenest summer camp in the country. That’s a tall order. And it takes dedication and commitment. As a company, we are certainly committed to this initiative. (Check out some of Pete’s other blog entries to see some of the cool things we’ve already done this year).

Another thing about the team is everyone’s dedication to being conscientious and respectful to one another and the environment we live/work in. With the number of parents growing within our company, the focus on the world we are leaving to our kids is strengthening. It’s our responsibility to do our part. This is what drove us to begin this new project. We want to do what we can to break the mold and initiate actions at camp that will both decrease our footprint and help educate kids about the importance of energy conservation and recycling (our two primary focuses).

In our first year of our iD Greening campaign, we are focusing on turning computers off when not in use, purchasing recycled materials for camp, encouraging staff and students to recycle, collecting ink cartridges – BRING THEM IN!!, and donating all ink cartridge proceeds to environmentally focused charities. Actually, there are so many things we are doing that I can’t list them all here!

recycling icon

End Jaime’s Blog Entry

It’s Pete again.

As you can tell, we’ve got some spirited folks on board who realize the time has come to do more. The time has come. We can’t just sit back and do what’s easiest and most efficient. We actually have to plan and be proactive in our thinking–and with our checkbooks. We’re going to be aggressive this camp season…and we’re actually going to measure our results against our goals and get our students and staff involved all across the country. We’re very excited about “getting off the couch” and doing something. If you want to give us a hand, please post a comment, and let’s get on it!


  • IDLosers


    Learn how to type, there are errors in your blog entry. I can’t send my kids to your camp because you do not know how to type. What kind of company do you run?


  • Pete

    Hey IDLoser, can you get a small “i” in the “iD?”

    Are you calling me a loser just b/c I spelled something wrong? That’s tight!
    Anyway, I’m posting your entry just because I thought it was funny, even though your intent may have been to diss.

    So, where’s the typo? I’ll correct it. At least we don’t run spelling camps! :) If we did, I’d invite you–you might benefit too. :)

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