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There are numerous programs in the country focused on encouraging girls’ interest in technology, math and science. Yet, boys still gravitate in greater numbers to these interests. There are many reasons and theories out there as to why such a discrepancy exists between boys and girls. You could read for days on the topic. Whatever the factors, there are many girls who are interested in these areas. So, how do we serve their needs?

Over the past twelve years, iD Tech Camps has been paying attention to what girls attending our youth summer technology camps want to learn. The best way to know what girls want is to ask them. In general, they are interested in being able to create something or to express their curiosity in a topic. Maybe they want to design a fashion line and launch their own online store. Maybe they care about animals and what to tell others how best to care for them. Or, maybe they want to design a game that takes their players on a journey through a new land.

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We design our technology curriculum around serving the interests of both boys and girls. They can attend the same course, yet, take their projects in totally different directions. That’s what customized instruction offers – the ability to mentor each student. At our camps, we are lucky that 30% of our instructors nationally are women. Many of those women came to camp and now want to encourage other girls in technology.

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Our courses that address the interests of girls most frequently include:

  • Graphic Design – They can build a digital arts portfolio incorporating design concepts for logos, fashion apparel and merchandise.
  • Web Design & Flash® Animation – They can create and publish a website with their own signature personality.
  • Digital Photography – They can capture images and digitally manipulate them into their own expression of art.
  • Game Design – They can develop environments and characters that exist within their own digitally-imagined world.
  • iD Visual Arts Academy – A 2-week, intensive program for teens, where they can focus on documentary filmmaking, professional photography or web design.

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iD Tech Camps is honored to be supporting girls’ interest in technology. And, we will continue to listen to what they want to learn. We look forward to seeing where our girl students will take their technology interests into their professional career. We’re sure they will be influential.

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