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Girls and Technology: Dare 2B Digital

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I just read an interesting article about the need for girls to get more involved with technology; shifting their interests over to activities that may be more worthwhile down the road like computer science and more.

Dare 2B Digital, a conference organized to encourage girls to take part in science and tech careers, recently partnered with Sylvia of “Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Make Show!” at eBay’s San Jose, California campus with the goal of attracting female participants to workshops like “Sylvia’s hands-on Robotics – Kits and Demos.”

At the live show, Lukas Blakk of Mozilla Firefox was running a table of female tweens constructing fox faces with eyes that illuminated upon being connected to an electrical outlet.  He had this to say about girls and technology: “Girls need an active invitation to participate…I think a lot of them have had little ‘aha’ moments.”

The article goes on to make key points that with females using social media tools more than their male counterparts, “young women are more likely to be “digital natives” than ever before.”

You can read the full article here.