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Get out of my chair!

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This week has been quite a week.  I’ve been overseas for quite some time, so I expected some catch up during my first week back…sorting through “a few” emails, checking in with my people, and, of course, getting used to my new chair.  My new chair?

Before I left on vacation, the staff here at iD Tech Camps pulled their own money and bought me a new chair.  You guys are awesome!  They figured after 8 or 9 years, it was time.  The funny thing is that when I walked into the office on Monday, they had wallpapered my “office” (I don’t believe in offices–everything is wide open where we work).

The wallpaper showed a number of employees taking turns breaking in my new chair while I was away.  I think you’ll get a kick out of these photos.  As I turned the corner to my desk at 7 AM on Monday, here’s what I saw:

Pete's Office Wallpaper

Let’s zoom in a little bit on some of these pranksters doing their best to be goofy:

Pete's Chair 1

Pete's Chair 2

Pete's Chair 3

Pete's Chair 4

Pete's Chair 5

Pete's Chair 6

Pete's Chair 7

Pete's Chair 8

Pete's Chair 9

Pete's Chair 10

Pete's Chair 11

Pete's Chair 12

Pete's Chair 13

Pete's Chair 14

Pete's Chair 15

Pete's Chair 16

Pete's Chair 17

Pete's Chair 18

Pete's Chair 19

Pete's Chair 20

Pete's Chair 21

Pete's Chair 22

Pete's Chair 23

Pete's Chair 24

Pete's Chair 25

Pete's Chair 26

For all of you that did NOT sit in my chair, feel free–everyone else has.  As you can tell, I am back, and I look forward to some heavier blogging in the weeks ahead.  Until next time, nation!


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