Funky Rap Videos by the World's Finest, Tech-Savvy Summer Staff

iD Tech in action

Lots of camps brag about their summer staff.

But let's be honest--how many campers can say they've had instructors like these?

"Tech Shop" - produced by summer staff from iD Tech Camps held at Macalester

iD summer staffers are quirky, spirited, and endlessly creative. Not only that--they're brilliant. Many are students or graduates of universities like Caltech, Stanford, or NYU. Others are industry professionals—game designers, 3D animators, filmmakers, and app developers. As a Top Workplace for four consecutive years and counting, we make it our mission to recruit, hire, and train the best of the best. Passion for progressive technology education unites our summer crew, and the desire to enrich the lives of students keeps many staffers coming back year after year.

There are instructors. And then there are iD instructors. Join us this summer and see for yourself!

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A San Jose State grad of Women’s Studies and Music, Kendall joined iD as a writer in 2013. She likes social equality and vegetarianism, and plays in an indie dream pop band.

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