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From Summer Film Camp to USC Film School and the Big Screen

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Hello iD Nation!

From time to time, I like to highlight some of our past students, featuring them in the “Where are they now” category of this blog.  I’m sure you’ll like this next story about our summer film camps.  We recently heard from one of our students, Christina Frenzel.  Here’s a bit of what she wrote:

“Tell Pete I say hi. I remember him as I attended summer camp when the company was just starting out in Santa Clara. He was always there watching how camp was going and I remember how nice he was.”

Well, thank YOU, Christina!  It’s nice to know you remember me, and thanks for the compliment.  Very cool!

Christina Frenzel:  Film School Phenom

iD Tech Camps not only helped me to become a better filmmaker, but more importantly, this summer camp in the Bay Area fostered my growth into becoming a confident young adult. I will never forget the people I met there, especially the camp instructors that encouraged me to follow my dreams and supported me along the way. Almost ten years after attending camp, I still am in contact with some of the instructors, and I recently invited them to my graduation dinner celebrating my accomplishments at USC. It meant so much to me to have them there because I knew I could not have accomplished all that I have without them.”

Christina recently graduated from USC School of Cinematic Arts with a double major in film production and psychology. She attended iD Tech Camps for multiple seasons as a middle school and high school student, and continued to develop her passion for film production. By the time she reached college, two of her documentaries aired on HBO. While at USC, Christina was named as a semi-finalist in the 33rd Student Academy Awards for her thesis film. After graduating, she worked as a research and production assistant for PBS’ Frontline and will soon be working in Washington D.C. as a production assistant for a political advertising firm for the 2008 presidential election. In her free time Christina loves to volunteer, backpack, and play soccer.

Christina…way to go!  We will be keeping an eye on you!


  • Shana

    Super Cool Christina! Congratulations on your recent graduation! Good Luck with your new gig!

  • Pete

    Christina is a phenom, but I don’t think what she has accomplished is atypical. We are seeing more and more success stories. It is really fun to watch. Who knew where a summer camp in California would lead?

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