Summer is saved! Online programs are running now.

Your kids can experience the magic of iD Tech from the comfort of home. For ages 7-19.

Summer is saved! Online programs are running now.

Your kids can experience the magic of iD Tech from the comfort of home. For ages 7-19.

Five Ways Gaming Prepared You for the Best Job Ever in Seattle

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By John Asher

You may not know this, but all that gaming you’ve been doing has done more for you than put you on top of the leaderboard—it’s taught you some valuable skills, skills we look for in our staff. Doubtful? Here are the top five ways your gaming talent can land you one of the most fun jobs in Seattle.

1. You’re Detail-Oriented

If you’ve changed your key bindings, honed your micro, or fretted over frame rates, you appreciate the details. You know that the difference between success and failure is in the small things. Every second counts, every achievement matters.

In Seattle, we appreciate the details. We’re known for our long coffee orders, and there is a reason: we know the details matter. We want our students to enjoy every second of their time at camp, and your attention to detail can help make that happen. Whether it’s finding a bug in a student's code or giving them a high five on their way out the door each day, the small things matter.

seattle_gaming_12. You’re Passionate

If you game, people know you game. They hear the excitement in your voice when you discover a new strategy; it just comes naturally to you. You don’t hide your passion, you share it.

Seattle has a passion for game design. Home to some of the world’s top gaming studios, you’ll be around people who love gaming. iD is looking for Seattle staff who want to share their love with their students, and inspire them to do amazing things with their new skills.

3. You’re Knowledgeable

It’s not enough to simply beat a game—you know a game. You’ve done the side quests, you’ve messed around in the editor, you’ve read the strategy guides. Gaming isn’t just about mashing buttons for you, it’s about entering another world with it’s own culture, adventures, and stories.

In Seattle, you’ll be surrounded by people who have the same love, and the same expertise, as you do. We have over 60 staff working in Seattle this summer, and each person brings in-depth knowledge of their craft.seattle_gaming_3

4. You’re Goal-Driven

We all have unfinished games in our Steam library, but more often than not you beat what you start. When you come across that insane boss, you don’t shut it down and call it a day. You stay up as late as you need to so you can get the job done.

At our Seattle programs, we have lofty goals: We want our students to have the best week ever. We want friendships to be forged, new talents to be discovered, and unforgettable memories to be made. This isn’t your typical 9–5 job.

seattle_gaming_25. You’re Ready

Ready for what, you ask? You’re ready for the next challenge! Gamers are always looking for the next great adventure. We’ve got it, and it’s waiting for you. Why delay? Jump into a job that takes your skills to the next level. Let’s do this. Here’s how.


asher_id_techAuthor Biography

John Asher has been gaming since his grandma introduced him to “Moon Lander” on her Commodore 64. Yes, he has a pretty cool grandma. Outside of gaming, you’ll find John working as a Territory Manager for iD Tech. Prior to joining iD full time, John worked as a Camp Director at Fordham University.


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