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Feeling the iD Tech love on Twitter!

Shoutout to iD Tech alumnus, Zack M.--thanks for the kind words on Twitter!


Zack is a former iD Programming Academy student who wanted to spend his summer doing what he loves most—programming. After his summer at iD came to an end, he took it upon himself to continue learning, developing application after application, and getting a feel for different capabilities and new techniques. It was then when he realized his skills could actually earn him money—as an 18-year-old. 

“Before I knew it I was getting invitations to interview for several jobs. For a while it was multiple interviews a day! This seeped into my school work when I began writing papers describing my projects, ideas, and work experience. It simply became a huge part of my life.” While one of Zack’s most thrilling jobs is under a non-disclosure agreement, we are told it’s a huge task, and one that is offering an outstanding professional experience. Read more.

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