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Falling into Autumn with iD

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Welcome to December! The weather is cooling off. The leaves are changing colors. Some of you may have already experienced storms and snowfall. Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in camp season anymore!

“So…what do you guys do when camps aren’t in session?”

This is a common question corporate iD employees receive. Allow me to demystify and give you an insider’s look; you’re officially invited to be a fly on our wall.

Put simply: We always have camp on the brain. When our summer camps aren’t in session, we’re prepping for the following season by putting together our catalog, solidifying new summer camp locations, attending camp fairs, hiring amazing summer staff, and combing through parent, student and staff feedback (to name a few things) – all to make next season even better than the last. Click here for a more detailed account of what’s new for 2012. Have a question about camp? Give us a call and one of our program advisors would be happy to help you out – any time of year!

We also devote hundreds of hours to website and systems improvements. These changes can be seen in our website and online registration process – which we’ve built from the ground up to ensure navigation and registration is a straightforward process.

But all work and no play makes iD a dull place. That’s why we take some time to have a little extra fun. Our Fall Festivities kick off each year when we dress up in our Halloween best for a costume extravaganza, along with some fun and games. Check out some of this year’s costume highlights:


Heroes in a half-shell…turtle power!

Nyan Cat even stood still long enough for a photo! (And was rewarded with a strawberry Pop-Tart.)

Although we’re pretty proud of our creative costumes, it’s a good time of year to give thanks too. I’ll go first: Thank you for stopping by the blog today!

Okay, I’ll get a little deeper than that. Here at iD Tech Camps, we like to say “Thank you!” in big ways. Our One Camper One Tree initiative was a smashing success this year. We’ll also be taking part in our annual Family Giving Tree holiday event which includes gift donations and volunteering inside the Family Giving Tree warehouse, sorting and prepping gifts for delivery to local children and families in need.

And what kind of Fall Festivities blog would this be without – you guessed it – TURKEY! A Corporate Office Thanksgiving Potluck ensued last week, complete with a wide assortment of the pilgrims’ finest fare.

From our table to yours: We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this glance into the corporate life of iD Tech Camps. Curious for more? Check back later this month to find out which items top our holiday wish lists this season.

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