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Strength in numbers.

It’s a great saying, has a ton of applications—and is mostly accurate.

Where it doesn’t apply: movie sequels. Many a good movie’s legacy has actually weakened with its part two, three, (and sometimes eight) installments.

In many other areas, though, the saying holds true:

One person can’t lift a couch, but you and a friend probably can. A basketball team with five solid players is good, but that team with five more capable players on the bench, is a whole lot better. Many animals live in herds for a reason. One voice advocating for change is louder when backed by voices of others. Then of course, look at what any assembly line is capable of.

Point being, there are countless examples illustrating that “more (of a good thing) is better.”

So, as we head into another year of delivering amazing STEM learning experiences for your child, I want to share some numbers from which we derive our strength—the areas we can quantify to paint the picture of all we have in store for 2019.

21 seasons

We have officially kicked-off our 21st season. Think about the strength in that number.

Whether it’s your first year in business, first year in college, first year on a team, etc. you will encounter a number of learning experiences that will inevitably propel you into a stronger second year. You then take those learnings and pour them into your third year, and on down the line.

We’ve done that exercise 20 times!

That’s a lot of learning, and a lot of pouring.

We think we're pretty awesome, but we’ve said it a million times—we are still human. We make mistakes, and decisions made with good intentions don’t always work out.

But what’s important is that we are constantly refining and evolving so that we can provide the absolute best STEM programs on the planet. (Yes, the planet—that’s in-person, online, domestically here in the USA, and across the world. More on each of those in a bit.)

400,000+ students

As we grow with every season, so does our community.

In our early days, we were thrilled to send 280 kids back into the real world with greater knowledge and tech skills.

So, it’s a proud moment knowing that today, over 400,000 kids and teens have graduated from our programs and are now out in the world making change.

That’s a whole lot of impact on the STEM landscape.

Our world is stronger for it.

50+ courses

We used to be known as a “computer camp.” Over the years, that description transitioned into a more encompassing “tech camp,” and now today, a “STEM camp.”

Reason being, while “computer courses” were revolutionary for students in 1999, technology has advanced and expanded. Today’s kids and teens need creative outlets in other tech areas too, like AI, robotics engineering, game development, and design.

They need to be able to “connect the dots,” and they need to have the opportunity to grow their skills in a variety of disciplines—all of which are going to be crucial to the future landscape, and thus, in demand as lucrative careers down the road.

Which brings us to our 2019 course curriculum.

While it would be a whole lot easier to roll out the same exact list of courses year after year, that would be doing your child a great disservice. So, on the flip side, we are constantly adding new, relevant courses to our lineup.

And, even those courses that do carry over from year to year feature new bells and whistles, whether that’s new hardware or software, or updated lesson plans.

So with that, here are our new courses for 2019—more Fortnite, more Roblox; augmented reality, data science summer camps, and more!

You can view all our courses here.

150+ locations

Without ever reading another word on our blog, you could probably guess that each and every post from here on out will mention our prestigious location lineup in some fashion or another. We're proud of it, so we talk about it.

But we also talk about it because many parents don’t understand that, with over 150 locations, there's a good chance that at least one location is within 60 miles from where they reside.

This year, for something new and different,  I wanted to put our locations to the test.

So, I went to randomlists.com and generated a random list of 10 cities. I did this three different times for a total of 30 different cities.

I then plugged in each of these cities into our handy location search bar and recorded 1) the closest iD Tech location to the random zip code, and 2) the number of miles between them.

Here are the results:

Impressive! There are only a handful of zip codes over 60 miles away from an iD Tech location (and that’s the benefit of overnight summer camps, right?), with many under 10 miles.

Not to mention that we're still putting the finishing touches on even more locations over the next few weeks!

For now, here are our new locations for 2019:

In addition to brand new locations, we've also added new programs to the following, existing locations, so be sure to check them out!

You can view all our locations here.

1,500 employees

From our main office in Campbell, CA to our 150 summer program locations, we hire over 1,500 of the industry’s most talented, passionate, and spirited individuals.

When it comes to our summer staff, we know the right instructor changes everything. Whether they're teaching your child AI or machine learning, video game design, or 3D modeling, they're giving their all from the moment your child checks in, up until they graduate and head home.

Learn more about our summer staff and how they approach making a lasting impact on students by watching the video below.

1... on 1 (Online Private Lessons)

Nothing can beat the in-person, hands-on learning experience that our summer programs provide. But what do you do when such an opportunity isn’t available, as in, the rest of the year?

One of the goals of our summer programs is to fill in the STEM learning gap that students are experiencing in school. Now, with our Online Private Lessons, such “filling” doesn’t have to wait until school is out, and can start immediately. Like, right now. Better yet, it can start on your own schedule, and can last for as long as needed.

Our Online Private Lessons are the perfect way to prep for a summer course, continue learning afterward, or dive into a new topic anytime. With one-on-one remote instruction, your student can build in-demand tech skills from the comfort of home.

Here's to a great 2019!

Quite a collection of figures, right?

With all this, November 1st marks the beginning of Summer 2019, and puts all of these numbers in motion.

But, the figures will constantly be changing! New locations, courses, and other additions will be continually making their way to the website, so be sure to connect and read our reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can and should also download our 2019 brochure as a handy planning resource.

Here’s to yet another amazing summer! Check out our coding camps, game dev programs, or creative arts classes, or the many options when it comes to robotics for kids and teens.

Feel free to let us know what you’re most excited for in the comments!

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Ryan has been in EdTech and with iD Tech for 13 years—building experience, expertise, and knowledge in all things coding, game development, college prep, STEM, and more. He earned his MBA from Santa Clara University after obtaining his Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State. Connect on LinkedIn

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