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Equality is Eggcellent: Just In Time for Easter, Progressive Toymaker 'GoldieBlox' Releases New Video


Those of us who were around in the ’80s probably remember the DARE anti-drug commercial featuring the cracked egg in the frying pan and the foreboding “this is your brain on drugs” messaging. Flash forward to 2014—progressive toymaker GoldieBlox has given the famous ad a new spin.

According to the witty GoldieBlox crew, who create dynamic engineering toys for girls, “this is your brain on princess.” Any questions?

GoldieBlox’s goal to “move beyond the pink aisle” when it comes to girls’ toys is admirable and necessary if we want to see more girls engaged in STEM fields. Right now, 50% of the US population is female, yet only 14% of Computer Science undergrads are female. Something has got to give. Maybe it starts with a girl learning how to construct a mini conveyor belt or engineer a Ferris wheel.

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