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Does Computer Science Count in Your State?


In the U.S., STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) jobs are growing at TWICE the national average. How, then, can it be that in 30 of 50 states, Computer Science doesn’t count toward high school math or science requirements? The statistics are baffling, but students, parents, and educators are pushing for change. Learn more.

Check out the list (compiled by of States where Computer Science counts toward high school math or science requirements:

Alabama – Math
Arizona – Math
District of Columbia – Math
Georgia – Science
Idaho – – Math and Science
Indiana – Math
Kentucky – Math
Maryland – Math
Michigan – Math
Missouri – Math
North Carolina – Math
Oklahoma – Math
Oregon – Math
Rhode Island – Math and Science
Tennessee – Math
Texas – Math, Other
Utah – Math
Vermont – Math
Virginia – Math
Washington – Math and Science
Wisconsin – Math

Don’t see your state listed? With the help of, you can push for legislative action here. They’ve made the process quick and easy.

In the meantime, try the Hour of Code tutorials, or consider enrolling for iD Tech summer programs for kids and teens. You’ll learn from passionate, tech-savvy instructors, build vital STEM skills, explore a university campus, and meet new friends in a high-energy summer camp setting. Register online.

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