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Did you hear the one about the teenaged inventor?

students collaborating on coding project

I know a lot of jokes start with that line; “Did you hear the one…?” — but this is no joke. A 15 year old self-professed “hardware hacker” who goes by the name of Xteaphn (think “Stephen”) decided that having a Wii wasn’t enough for him – he wanted a portable one. So he built his own. Rechargeable battery? Check. Integrated IR emitters to make sure the Wiimote works correctly? Check. Folding screen? Got that taken care of, too.

What does this have to do with iD Tech Camps, you ask? Well, this is the sort of project you get excited about taking on once you sign of for a week (or more!) of RoboContenders at one of our iD Tech Camp locations across the country. Starting with raw parts, you build a working robot. Doing-it-yourself is cool, and remember, campers – its not just about building a robot that can win a “BattleBots” style contest – it’s having an awesome idea, about figuring out how to make it work for you, and going big.

Portable Wii

Portable Wii

Credit where credit is due – I first read about Xteaphn in engadget.