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Computer Camp Rap: Summer Staff

girls working at computer coding laughing

One of the fine traditions we’ve got at iD is the creation of a quick and light summer camp video that we create for our staff at training.  Our regional management team is tasked with making us laugh–but to also get some training points across to our summer camp staff.

You have to check out this video.  I am sure it will be a big hit with our campers too!  For those of you who don’t know, this was shot on a digital still camera and edited just the night before training.  But, I think it is really, really fun.  Go RM team!

Training is serious business.  Kids are serious business.   But, we can’t take ourselves TOO seriously.  We have to remember that this is camp!  This video goes a long way in demonstrating that the best in the business can also have a good time!

iD Tech summer camp rap video

Click below to check out the video!

Summer Camp Rap Video

I am currently writing from Gotham City.  Beautiful day here.  Breezy.  In the 80’s.  We’re on the heels of our next training here in the Northeast.  Very exciting.  The training begins tomorrow.  We’ll see 200 of iD’s best and brightest.  Get ready people!

But, before we get going on this week’s training, I wanted to upload pictures from the last week.  A lot of staff made some great new friends.  I want to thank Cari and Elmer (Emu) for sending me some additional pics.

So, what do Guitar Hero, Dummies and Airplanes have in common?  Browse below to find out!

Pictures From Staff Training In The Midwest

On the train to staff training

Training to training

staff listening attentively


iD Tech staff team-building even


staff trainers posing

Proud Trainers

camp counselor and his crew

Elmer and Crew

camp director

Proud Camp Director

staff raffle to win towels

Raffling off iD towels

taking aim

Taking aim.  She was good, folks.

overlooking event

Surveying the scene.  (Keeping Scott, to my left, in check)

nice throw

Yes, nice throw, Jami.  Props!

Jamba Juice


boy and girl hugging

Hugs before we go!

camp counselor is new sheriff

New sheriff in town!

selfie in front of the periodic table of elements

Boy Wonder tussles with the periodic table of elements

explaining outdoor game rules

Do we understand the rules?


It’s Good!

more rules

Explaining the rules

group posing at lunch

Lunch time.  Get crazy, people!

late night studying

Late night trainers’ preparation

two girls studying

Making it look easy the next day is hard, hard work.

playing the Wii

Taking a break with the Wii

Guitar Hero II

Warming up staff with some early morning Guitar Hero ll

More Guitar Hero II

What’s your level?  Medium?  Hard!

Even More Guitar Hero 2

Me too!

woman playing Guitar Hero II

Move out of the way, boys!

girl playing Guitar Hero 2

You too!

camp nurse

Getting serious again in training with the Camp Nurse

riding on airplane

Heading home in the airplane.  Dazed and Confused.  Last seat in the back!

cpr in the main office

CPR in the main office

cpr dummies on table

cpr dummies on the floor

woman working on cpr dummy

cpr dummies spread out on the floor in classroom

woman working on cpr dummy

man laying on ground with cpr dummy

long table with forms and documents

It’s hard to believe that our summer computer camp begins in just a week.  In the fall and winter, summer always seems so far away.  Then, suddenly, it is upon us.  We’re looking forward to another amazing season.  It starts with recruiting, hiring and training the best.  My sincere appreciation to all of our fine staff who are so engaged in our mission.  Let’s get this party started!


  • Roady

    Gee, thanks for the most excellent picture of me. I’m sure my staff will see and be super excited to be working with me. I can’t wait to send you AWESOME pics from UNC!

  • Pete


    You look fantastic in that pic. It was great seeing you at the training. You provided great input and really contributed with guidance–especially for the newbies. I am very excited to have you return again this year. Have a great summer. I’ll be corresponding with you often.


  • Elmer “Emu” Wang

    :) great pics, and amazing video.


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