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Clever Logo Design: Can You Spot the Hidden Symbolism?


From smartphone ads, to TV commercials, to billboards, we’re bombarded with logos and marketing imagery every day. But, if we take a closer look at some of the company logos we’ve come to view as commonplace, there’s some subtle (and pretty brilliant) creativity at work.

Can you spot the hidden symbolism in the following big-name logos? Tell us in the comments!

tostitos-logo.png amazon-logo-large goodwill-logo baskin-robbins-logo-large fedex-logo-large sun-microsystems—before-it-was-bought-by-oracle-sun-was-a-major-computer-manufacturer-its-logo-is-a-perfect-ambigram-it-can-be-read-from


Clever, well-designed logos like these are no small feat. Good graphic design takes an eye for color, style, and the ability to say something BIG without taking up a lot of space. Want to take your own graphic arts skills to the next level? View all iD Tech design courses for kids and teens, or check out Alexa Cafe for girls ages 10-14.

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