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  • 5 Big Video Game Skills to Gain From Playing

    There’s no doubt about it: gaming is here to stay. And there’s no need to fight it! Gaming can be good for you , and is the perfect opportunity to teach your child valuable skills that will resonate …

  • How to create a game on Roblox with Roblox Studio

    What’s not to love about Roblox? We talk about it often, it’s been a wildly popular summer camp option, and now a popular virtual camp learning destination. The free-to-play platform has captured the …

  • Yes, Video Games are Good...for Your Mind and Body

    Believe it not, scientific research confirms video games are good for you ( video games are  sports , after all). In fact, while several studies support the findings, one from the  University …

  • Game Design for Beginners

    Did you know that there is a term for the study of games, and especially video games? It's called ludology, and when you look deep into games, you can see they can easily be broken down by their …

  • How to Share a Project on Scratch

    If you've created a Scratch game  and have a Scratch account, you'll be able to easily share the project so anyone can play it online! First, select "File" and then "Save now" to make to make …

  • What is game space?

    Game space is the world in which games take place. This game space includes colors, sounds, and barriers, which all help determine the events that take place, what a player sees, and how they …

  • Top Benefits of Esports for Kids

    There’s no question that kids love all things video games, but are esports good for kids? Yes, they are! Experts agree that the benefits of esports are varied and growing along with this …

  • 20 video game trivia questions to stump avid gamers

    A thriving industry, an art form, a hobby: video games have a fascinating history and an even more interesting present. Gaming enthusiasts will love learning about the saga of the console wars, …

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