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  • Should Your Child Join a Robotics Team?

    The short answer is a resounding "yes!" In honor of National Robotics Week, we spend the majority of this post diving into the benefits of joining a robotics team or club! But first, here’s a brief overview of what these competitions and teams are all about. Who can join a robotics club or team? Robotics [...]

  • The Ultimate Guide to STEM Competitions & Events

    The heat of competition is a funny thing. It brings out sides of our personalities we never knew we had lurking. And frankly, it’s invigorating right? Personally, I love it. (My family on game night, not so much.) More than that, competition just has a way of making us better. And no matter your interest [...]

  • Different Types of Summer Camps to Match Your Student's Interests

    Remember the days when summer camps consisted of only a handful of options?  When “camp” most likely meant sending children off to the middle of the woods, wondering if they were going to meet their long lost twin? Nowadays there are so many summer camps to consider, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the [...]

  • How Kids Can Learn a Programming Language Fast(er)

    There isn’t a shortcut to learning how to code. In fact, we often talk about long-term skill development, and how learning to code requires time and continuous refinement, like any hobby or interest. But if you’re committed, you can get started rather quickly, and put yourself on a faster track than what would be considered [...]

  • Are iD Tech Summer Camps Worth the Cost?

    In addition to running the nation’s leading STEM summer camps, many of us are parents who send our own kids to iD Tech programs year after year. We know what it’s like to want to provide meaningful, magical summer experiences for our children. That said, it’s no surprise that we care deeply and passionately about [...]

  • Is Summer Camp Tax Deductible? [Infographic]

    I know, I know…the subjects of fun summer camp and “funless” income tax preparation don’t exactly go together as well as toasted ‘mallow and graham. But, as painful as taxes might be, there is some value here for anyone that sent a child to camp last summer, or is planning to in the coming months. [...]

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