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Channel | Keep it Green

  • Go Green With Arbor Day Party Ideas

      Arbor Day is upon us again! A day to celebrate...trees? Unfortunately, most people probably don’t think too much about Arbor Day – trees are something that shed leaves in the fall, scrape against windows in storms, and bloom beautifully in spring – and that’s about it. But this Arbor Day, we want to remind you [...]

  • Double Whammy: Celebrating Earth Day & Arbor Day With 35,000 More Trees Planted

    Uniting Technology and Ecology with One Camper One Tree In light of Earth Day and Arbor Day (today), let's work together to make the world a little greener. For every camper that attends one of our summer programs, we plant one tree via our One Camper One Tree partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. Since [...]

  • Top 10 Tips for Going Green this Earth Day - iD Tech

    Happy Earth Day, iD Techies. It's no secret--here at iD Tech, we love us some green. Green office walls, green shoes, green hair (in some cases...), and most importantly, our eco-conscious green initiatives like One Camper One Tree. Via a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, we plant one tree for each student who enrolls [...]